Insider’s Guide to the 2020 Democrats on War, Peace, and Security

Democratic Debate
The second debate of Democratic presidential candidates on June 27, 2019.


MICHAEL BENNET: The U.S. Senator from Colorado has spoken out about the cost of military engagements overseas and how that money could have been better spent domestically…MORE ON BENNET.

Joe Biden (Credit - Creative Commons)

JOE BIDEN: The former Vice President was among the more dovish of President Obama’s aides but he sees no need for fundamental reform of the U.S. national security apparatus … MORE ON BIDEN


Cory Booker (Credit - Creative Commons)

CORY BOOKER: The junior senator from New Jersey has not devoted much time or effort to addressing issues of war and peace … MORE ON BOOKER


STEVE BULLOCK: The progressive governor of Trump-state Montana, Bullock has taken limited foreign policy positions….MORE ON BULLOCK

Pete Buttigieg (Credit - AP Photo - Richard Shiro)

PETE BUTTIGIEG: Buttigieg, a former naval intelligence officer, supports Israel and the War Powers Act … MORE ON BUTTIGIEG


Julian Castro (Credit - Creative Commons)

JULIAN CASTRO: The former cabinet secretary and mayor has made a detailed immigration reform proposal the center of his presidential bid … MORE ON CASTRO


BILL DE BLASIO: The New York City mayor has been reticent on foreign policy, yet has spoken at AIPAC’s annual Policy Conference in support of Israel…MORE ON DE BLASIO

John Delaney (Credit - Creative Commons)

JOHN DELANEY A self-funding Congressman from Maryland, Delaney is a former CEO whose foreign policy flows from his faith in free-trade economics … MORE ON DELANEY


Tulsi Gabbard (Credit - Creative Commons)

TULSI GABBARD: The Hawaii Congresswoman and Iraq war veteran is the most outspoken anti-interventionist in the field … MORE ON GABBARD


Kirsten Gillibrand (Credit - AP Photos - Paul Sancya)

KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND: The New York senator combines opposition to U.S. military intervention in Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria with hawkish positions on Venezuela and Iran … MORE ON GILLIBRAND


Kamala Harris (Credit - Creative Commons)

KAMALA HARRIS: The foreign policy views of the junior senator from California are unclear except on her signature issue, cybersecurity … MORE ON HARRIS


Jay Inslee (Credit - Creative Commons)

JAY INSLEE: The two-term governor of Washington state says, “defeating climate change is the defining challenge of our time” …. MORE ON INSLEE


Amy Klobuchar (Credit - Creative Commons)

AMY KLOBUCHAR: The senior senator from Minnesota does not stray far from the Washington orthodoxy … MORE ON KLOBUCHAR


SETH MOULTON: The congressman and ex-Marine from Massachusetts says military service and national security issues will be central to his candidacy if he runs …MORE ON MOULTON


Beto O'Rourke (Credit - Creative Commons)

BETO O’ROURKE: Where other candidates have gone along with the policy consensus in Washington, the former Texas Congressman sometimes broke with it … MORE ON O’ROURKE

Tim Ryan (Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

TIM RYAN: The eight-term Congressman from Youngstown Ohio has not yet said much about issues of war and peace  …. MORE ON RYAN


Bernie Sanders (Credit - Creative Commons)

BERNIE SANDERS: The socialist senator from Vermont insists on a fundamental change in direction of U.S. foreign policy … MORE ON SANDERS

Joe Sestak
Joe Sestak

JOE SESTAK: The former 3-star vice-admiral has congressional experience and more foreign policy chops than most people in the race…MORE ON SESTAK

Tom Steyer
Tom Steyer

TOM STEYER: The hedge-fund manager and impeachment activist has largely known foreign-policy views, choosing instead to focus on environmentalism and campaign finance….MORE ON STEYER

Elizabeth Warren (Credit - Creative Commons)

ELIZABETH WARREN: The Massachusetts senator positions herself, like President John F. Kennedy, as an agent of responsible change in U.S. foreign policy … MORE ON WARREN

MARIANNE WILLIAMSON: The author and self-help guru has emphasized peace over war and decried the military industrial complex….MORE ON WILLIAMSON

Andrew Yang (Credit: Yang2020)

ANDREW YANG Yang has worked most of his career in startups, early-stage growth companies, philanthropic non-profits … MORE ON YANG

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