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India’s foreign intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW), established in 1968, is responsible for intelligence-gathering, counterproliferation, counterterrorism, nuclear security, and advising policymakers.

While the establishment of R&AW was primarily geared towards managing the influence of China, the agency has pivoted in the 21st century to focus on Pakistan and its Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI). The tense situation in the Muslim-majority Indian state of Kashmir on the border of Pakistan is now the priority for Indian intelligence

The activities and functions of R&AW are confidential, according to the Council on Foreign Relations. In 2000 the Federation of American Scientists estimated that the organization had 8-10,000 agents and an estimated budget of $145 million. Declassification of past operations is uncommon. Unlike the  Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the domestic security agency of India, R&AW receives little attention from the press and is not well-known among the general public.

The current chief Samant Goel, a career intelligence officer who was appointed to the job by President Narendra Modi in June 2019. The former chief of operations at the agency, Goel played a key role in planning the Indian Air Force’s attack on suspected a Pakistani terrorist training camp in the town of Balakot in February 2019.


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