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Jefferson Morley, editor

Jefferson Morley, editor

The Deep State news blog is your portal to the world of secret government. The name of the blog refers to "the realm of politics and war shaped by secret intelligence agencies that act beyond the reach of democratic institutions."

Edited by veteran Washington journalist Jefferson Morley, The Deep State news blog lays bare the workings of the CIA and other secret agencies with revelatory reporting and informed aggregation--and without unfounded conspiracy theories or extreme partisanship.

The site, based in Washington D.C., covers "deep state" politics around the world. Its seeks to focus public attention on a new global reality: the growing geopolitical power of secret intelligence agencies.

Since 9/11 these clandestine organizations have amassed greater powers and bigger budgets in societies as diverse as the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, China, Turkey, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

What these agencies have in common are techniques and traditions: the black arts of espionage, covert action, disinformation, cyberwar, surveillance, and assassination. These agencies also serve their citizens with policies of law enforcement, counterterrorism and counterproliferation.

By documenting the influence of secret intelligence agencies on our politics and world, The Deep State news blog seeks to:
--educate and entertain;
--foster accountability and;
--empower citizens, especially young people, to become activists on issues of secrecy and transparency, democracy and fascism, and war and peace.

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