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Whirlwind Podcast
Whirlwind political warfare podcast.

The docuseries project builds on Pulitzer Prize winner Tim Weiner’s new book, The Folly and the Glory: America, Russia, and Political Warfare: 1945-2020. Weiner wrote and hosts the show, which over 10 episodes will feature interviews with former CIA directors Robert Gates, John Brennan and Leon Panetta, former KGB officers Alexander Vassiliev and Oleg Kalugin and other experts.

“American democracy is on the line,” Weiner said in a statement. “Russian political warfare has brought us to the brink. We won the battle in the 20th century – and that brought down the Soviet Union. But Russia’s winning today. Their intelligence services helped elect President Trump. They’re working to re-elect him today.”

New episodes of Whirlwind will be released every Wednesday. Listen to the trailer below.

Source: Alex Gibney’s Jigsaw, Leon Neyfakh Producing Podcast on Russian Political Warfare | Hollywood Reporter

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