Wild Podcast Tale About CIA & a Heavy Metal Band

A few weeks ago, I asked “Was Modern Art a CIA Psy-Op?” It wasn’t an idle question. The influence of secret intelligence agencies on culture is more complex than you think.

Now New Yorker investigative journalist Patrick Radden Keefe is asking, “Did the CIA write Scorpions’ hit song Wind of Change?

The Scorpions are a German rock band. “Winds of Change,” released in 1990 as the Cold War was ending, proved to be one of their most popular power ballads.

On May 11 Keefe is launching an eight-part Spotify podcast to answer the questions about the CIA’s role in the song’s success.

Crooked Media co-founder Tommy Vietor said that the story is “crazy enough to be true”. “We know that the CIA covertly sponsored cultural events during the 50s and 60s,” he added. “They paid to film George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm. They sponsored a European tour for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Why not help a German rock band write a power ballad to shred the iron curtain? And while the CIA closely guards its secrets, Patrick is one of the best investigative journalists and writers of his generation,

Source: Spotify Preps Wild Podcast Tale About CIA & Scorpions’ Wind Of Change – Deadline

Listen to the Spotify trailer here.

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