Opinion: Intel Chiefs Stay Silent on Trump’s Purge 

Last month, I wrote a story of Trump’s machinations around the Office of Director of National Intelligence under the headline, “Trump’s Intelligence Rattles National Security Establishment.”

Kent Harrington, former CIA officer and later an agency spokesman, uses the same word. “There is no question that Trump’s latest round of firings qualify as a ‘purge,'” he writes on Project Syndicate.

So far, the intelligence community’s leaders have said little about the damage that Trump has wrought. The most charitable explanation of their silence is that they are protecting the mission by keeping their heads down. That may be true. But at some point, silence becomes indistinguishable from complicity, particularly when those who are most responsible for the success of the mission are targeted by purges and bogus investigations. When those who should be receiving accolades are getting the boot, something has gone very wrong.”

Source: Trump’s Great Purge by Kent Harrington – Project Syndicate

3 Replies to “Opinion: Intel Chiefs Stay Silent on Trump’s Purge ”

  1. When a totally dysfunctional individual like the current resident in the white house manages to maintain leadership of the “GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH” for four years I think the verdict is in.

    Here we are!

    I guess not until and not before this madman starts executing people on Fifth Avenue in New Your City, will America’s the dumbed down masses realize it’s up to them to stop this wannabe dictator.

    I’m glad Ken gets it. Now what!

  2. Well this idiot, the SUPREME LEADER OF THE USA, ((see his cabinet putting hands on him and other wise bestowing and showering accolades on his stupid ass,)) is not exactly shooting people on 5th avenue but . . . .

    Pretty obvious to me that soon we may members of this administration carried from the white house strapped struggling and screaming on gurneys to paddy wagons.

    This people are crazy and we now have proof of what I have said numerous times.

    Out of their minds drunk on power they blew it and have proven BEYOND A DOUBT, that they are dangerous to themselves and others.

  3. BTY the potus us now guilty of assisting in the deaths of New Yorkers all over the city. And he didn’t even have to shoot anyone.

    So much for ensuring the National Security

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