Ex-Obama Official and Washington Post Columnist Quits Israeli Spyware Firm

Juliette Kayyem
Juliette Kayyem speaking at Suffolk University in 2014 (credit: By Suffolk University Law School )

NSO, the Israeli private intelligence firm is becoming notorious. Known for spyware that Saudi Arabia and Mexican drug cartels have used to spy on journalists and dissidents, NSO has sought respectability by hiring Americans like Juliette Kayyem, a Harvard professor and Washington Post columnist.

I noted last last year that Kayyem’s dual positions as a Post columnist and NSO adviser were, shall we say, incompatible. Investigators believe that NSO spyware may have been used by Saudi intelligence to track Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi before he was assassinated by Saudi operatives in Turkey in 2018.

Now Kayyem apparently agrees. She has quit her position at the company

The disclosure of the public departure of Juliette Kayyem, a high-profile national security expert and Harvard professor, as a senior adviser to NSO came just one day after a controversy over her role at the spyware group prompted Harvard to cancel an online seminar she was due to host.

Source: Ex-Obama official exits Israeli spyware firm amid press freedom row | World news | The Guardian

5 Replies to “Ex-Obama Official and Washington Post Columnist Quits Israeli Spyware Firm”

  1. Jeff before you dismiss me I suggest you scour the the writings at Mint Press and the Intercept for their articles on US-Israeli software wrangling that has in my opinion robbed the US of it’s sovereignty.

    Like I said this has gotten to the point of being Dogdamned ridiculous.

    I do not take issue with anyone’s religion until it spills over into my life.

    I left this comment on Max Blumenthal’s article. Buttigieg Backer Top Funder of the group behind Iowa’s Disastrous Voter App.

    “No matter what major American political party it is, never underestimate the power of large groups of stupid people, especially when they work with Israeli lobbyist.

    I for one have seen plenty enough of the love dance of death (dancing to the music of the rapture) between Natinyahoo and the large orange blob. And I damned sure don’t want to see the culmination of it in my back yard. ”

    In my opinion large amounts of black money has allowed those working in the best interest of Israel to infiltrate all aspects of American government. I’d like to see the US try and do the same in Israel.

    On the on other hand the markets are doing great!

    T.hanks again Jeff.

  2. Buttigieg Backer Top Funder of the Group Behind Iowa’s Disastrous Voter App, that would be found at consortium news.

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