Let’s Compare U.S  and Russian Conspiracy Theories 

Meduza, the independent Russian news site, has an interesting podcast, Naked Pravda, comparing the conspiracy theories that circulate in each country.

They’re talking about each other again in Moscow and Washington, often spinning stories that aren’t exactly rooted in facts. Whether it’s Russiagate in the United States or color revolution in Russia and countries across the former Soviet Union, diabolical plots are afoot.

One guest makes a distinction between elite and popular conspiracy theories in Russia, a distinction that is visible in American political discourse as well.

The elite conspiracy theory that Trump’s campaign entourage criminally colluded with Russian state actors was not substantiated by the investigation of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. He found plenty of examples of possible obstruction of justice but no criminal conspiracy.

Source: ‘Conspiracy theories’: What Americans and Russians reveal about themselves in the stories they tell about each other — Meduza

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  1. What I find extremely disingenuous is the constant accusations by MSNBC & CNN that the Trump admin engages in constant conspiracy theorizing as if the MSM isn’t doing the same. It’s as if viewers won’t recognize the contradiction. This is likely based on the pejorative “conspiracy theorist” meme introduced in the late 60s by the CIA, et al.

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