Was London Stock Exchange Hit by Cyberattack?

People are asking because of an unexpected trading shutdown in the United Kinggdom. Iran has sophisticated cyberwar capabilities and good reason to disrupt the financial system of the superpower that assassinated Gen. Soleimani in Iraq.

The Iranian hackers work in conjunction with the Ministry of Security and Intelligence. (MOIS)

The U.K.’s Government Communications Headquarters, known as GCHQ, which monitors critical national infrastructure, including major financial trading platforms, is examining if the software code may have played a role in the outage. Officials are looking at time stamps affiliated with the code’s production, which could offer clues to its origin.

Source: Was London Stock Exchange hit by cyberattack? – MarketWatch

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  1. Jeff FYI


    at this site you will find that FBI officials are conducting an ongoing money laundering investigation into Deutsche Bank.

    Included are documents presented to be originals or copies of originals provided to feds by Val Broeksmit son of William S. Broeksmit who was Deutsche Bank executive, was Chief Risk Optimization Officer who took his own like in 2014.

    included are copies of:

    Part of the Deutsche Bank breach report, showing their liabilities to VTB Bank totaling more than 35,million Euros

    the original document for Trump Chicago loans

    a communication from Quantum Business Partners Limited to a Mr. A Khan

    a meta data document from 5/15/2015 concerning mr. Khan

    And two others one,in Russian, showing DBTCA as in intermediary for VTB the

    other in English showing Payment Transfer Information DBTCA as an intermediary for VTB 24.

    If I haven’t mentioned this before ICIJ reported a response to queries from readers about what documents Comey had requested from them. They said at the time he had requested any document which included an Americans name and as a result of the ongoing investigation they would comment no further on anything related.

    Thanks Jeff for your time.

  2. FYI https://www.forbes.com/companies/vtb-bank/#66113e52620a This is as of 5/15/2019

    I find this all very very interesting. Most all of these bastards are laundering money and need time to get out of their predicament.

    Too bad the paper trails will remain. It would seem to me lnow that it is just a matter of time until this bugg-a-boo jumps up and bites them all in the ass.

    Wait till then if you want to see some very real suffering by the masses.

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