How Israel Covers Up Corruption by its Spies, Soldiers and Arms Dealers

From the well-informed, politically independent Israeli journalist Yossi Mellman

Israel’s law enforcement authorities have proven time and time again that despite political and other pressures, they are determined to respect the rule of law. The indictment against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, court sentences – which sent former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, President Moshe Katsav, Finance Minister Avraham Hirschson, and dozens of other members of Knesset to jail – are a case in point. Their basic approach is that corruption must be uprooted, without any reservations of “Yes, but.”

Yet, when it comes to the Israeli military, intelligence and security bodies, the police, the prosecution and the courts show less determination. They are softer and more flexible – and thus they hurt what must be an uncompromising battle against corruption – the misuse of power and of public funds.

Source: How Israel covers up corruption by its spies, soldiers and arms dealers –

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