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One fact that gets lost in the U.S. domestic politics of impeachment is just how large Americans loomed in Ukraine.

During the Maidan revolution of 2014. Paul Manafort, President Trump’s convicted campaign manager, wasn’t just a political consultant. he was a geopolitical kingmaker with a soft touch. He brought together the pro-Russian government and the leadership of the European Union to make a deal that left one opposition oligarch sitting in her jail cell.

From bne IntelliNews

Manafort organised the lobbying campaign on the orders of Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych, who was ousted by mass demonstrations in Kyiv when he eventually failed to sign the deal. The information backs up allegations made by US special consul Robert Mueller that, as part of the campaign to do an Association Agreement deal, Manafort retained EU “super VIPs” to lobby for Yanukovych. The flight records also reveal Manafort remained a player in Ukraine after the Maidan revolution until as late as 2015.

Source: bne IntelliNews – Wheels up: Paul Manafort’s flight records show how he supervised EU top brass in the run-up to Ukraine revolution

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