Is Impeachment a CIA Operation? No.

Rob Urie, Zen economist, makes the case that impeachment is Brought to You by the CIA .” Like Senator Ron Johnson, the Counterpunch contributor doesn’t trust the agency to be apolitical. That’s a reasonable stance, prompting Urie to ask a good question:

Given the CIA’s history of overthrowing democratically elected leaders and governments for the benefit of connected oligarchs, why is it a good idea to have the CIA within a million miles of domestic politics? Again, how would the CIA treat Bernie Sanders, or even liberal doyen Elizabeth Warren, if it is given the power to oust elected political leaders at will?

No, it is not a good idea to have the CIA so involved in U.S. politics. If the cable networks and major newspapers turn to former intelligence officers to opine on domestic politics, they should interrogate them about their politics motives. Urie is right that the agency’s attitude towards the next Democratic president may be hostile.

The problem is that if Trump gets his way, there will be no next Democratic president. The president has made it quite clear that he sees the Democrats as illegitimate. He says their leaders should be arrested. He’s using all the levers of power to delegitimize Democrats and suppress voting, the better to keep them (or us) out of power permanently.

Urie’s response to Trump’s tyrannical impulses is weirdly indulgent. He describes Trump as a “not-neocon /not-CIA insurgent.” That’s convoluted and unwarranted praise for a charismatic grifter who is manifestly unfit for the office. What exactly is Trump insurgent against?

Urie’s perspective is nothing, if not lofty.

This is where Russiagate / impeachment stands today: national security and surveillance state liberals have joined with a not-so-bright left to oust a not-neocon / not-CIA insurgent (Trump) from power. In other words, Mr. Trump may be everything that the not-so-bright left claims he is, but that has nothing to do with why he is being ousted from power. Impeachment is to bring Joe Biden to power to go after Russia.

If you, the reader, think Trump should be ousted from office because of high crimes or misdemeanors you are either “not so bright” or you are a tool of the the national security agencies. The ideologically diverse opposition to Trump’s presidency is composed of fools or knaves, Urie argues. That is factually inaccurate.

It’s easy to say impeachment is all a CIA trick. All you have to do is excuse Trump’s lawless behavior while ignoring the substance of the whistleblowers’ complaint.

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  1. Considering that my opinion of the two party system is that it is hopelessly broken, I’m not impressed what Urie has written.

    It sounds much too supportive of the Dictator in Chief.

    My opinion is that CIA is desperate. I can only speculate on why they were so desperate. What I do know is that I do not like the feel or the looks of it.

    Maybe Urie needs to reed what I wrote at The deep State Blog yesterday, at “While Impeachment Talks Grow Trump Is Gaining Control of CIA.

    Why in the name of Dog would the CIA not blown him out of the last election by revealing what they knew about him?

    My take is that because for them to do so they would have “outed” themselves to something they just could not defend. n

    Like I’ve said this is pretty damned strange. I’ve went from wondering if CIA tried to get Trump elected to wondering if they tried to set him up to get him out of office.

    I do however know this something happened at the DNC. We know wiki leaks happened, we know that Seth Rich rest his soul, is gone and so is the DNC server that FBI was not interested in reviewing. After the fact we know that DOJ got involved likely because of someone inside the White House recommending Bill Barr as AG and what he has done since getting there which amount to nothing helpful to settle the case.

    Why Urie would come off the wall with what he chose to write makes me suspect his motives or his grasp on this story.

    Maybe to cover for someone or agency? I dunno?

    But I do know that “Mr.Clean”, Robert Mueller is credited with, [note #35 on his wiki page ] and I paraphrase, Mr. Mueller, head of the criminal took the unusual action of a media blitz in 1991 announcing that the feds had been investigating BCCI since 1986 when a federal money laundering prosecution ensnared BCCI.

    And we know it has been said the incoming Pres. Bill Clinton was advised by Bill Barr not to pursue the case so it was dropped from vigorous scrutiny hands were slapped and the case went away after Zayed bin Sultan of UAI made restitution to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. This case should have raised lots of questions but the media and D.C. wanted the case gone I believe because CIA was caught up in Iran Contra.

    Based on my observations, those of a layman tax paying voter over most all of my adult life in my personal note so humble opinions this all stinks very badly.

    The CIA and NSA no doubt wanted BCCI over and done with and they found a rube to bail them out, Zayed bin Sultan Al Nehyan.

    I am of the mind that between the Julian Assange wiki leaks and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists Panama Papers and Paradise Papers expose` CIA and NSA find themselves in a major fix.

    So Mr. Urie would have everything forgotten and on to the next election. Sounds every much what DOJ pulled in 1991 with the BCCI scandal.

    A country of law I would like to remind everyone never should let criminals off, no matter what government agency they work for and I smell a rat.

    Just because one president’s term is over nothing in the law journals or the Constitution allow for the case to be shoved to the side, or the game to be stopped slates cleaned the game pieces mixed up and the game to start over without accountability. But this is what corporate America demands and CIA does out of hand on a continuing basis.

    It is called defying the rule of law and when it happens no rule of law exists.

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