Trump, the ‘Deep State,’ and the Democrats

(Published  in The New Republic, “Democrats Are Trapped in Trump’s ‘Deep State’ War.”

The ongoing contretemps between President Donald Trump and the intelligence community forces a dismal and daunting question: Whose side must be taken in a power struggle between a legion of professional liars and a consummate bullshit artist?

Both the president and the spy agencies have mastered the arts of misrepresentation, self-righteousness, and Twitter (but perhaps I repeat myself). Both have extensive records of public statements that are demonstrably false, thoroughly misleading, or artfully deceptive. Both have the power to inflict violence on others, though as far as we know, Trump has not killed or tortured anyone. The CIA on the other hand…

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One Reply to “Trump, the ‘Deep State,’ and the Democrats”

  1. Great stuff Jeff.

    The intelligence community needs strong over site. They need to be held accountable financially and operationally.

    I still see a part of the Deep State as being made up of those who wield their influence, always driven by these individuals extreme wealth, through their open accessibility to DOJ and the courts. Obviously those people they connect with are another group who contribute to the Deep State success.

    I think maybe the quickest way to get control of the Deep State to control the money in politics, both the lobby and both parties are equally the blame here.

    Thanks Jeff

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