Outed CIA Agent Valerie Plame Is Running for Congress by Driving Backwards

Another former CIA officer is running for Congress.

Valerie Plame, a former Central Intelligence Agency operative is running for Congress in New Mexico, and the new campaign ad she released on Monday quickly went viral on Twitter. Entitled “Undercover,” the 56-year-old mother of three drives shows off her CIA skills, impressively drives a Chevy amaro backwards on empty desert road in New Mexico.

Plame worked in counterproliferation activities until she was outed by Bush White House officials angered by criticism of the Iraq war from her husband, Joseph Wilson, a U.S. diplomat.

Two CIA formers, Abigail Spanberger of Virginia and Elissa Slotkin of Michigan, both Democrats, won seats in 2018.

Source: WATCH: Outed CIA Agent Valerie Plame’s Viral Campaign Ad | Heavy.com

4 Replies to “Outed CIA Agent Valerie Plame Is Running for Congress by Driving Backwards”

  1. What happened to Valerie is proof America eats it’s own young.

    I have one question for Valerie would she have reported the NUMEC caper to JFK.

    No it’s not a cheap shot. I support Ms. Plame in fact but if she intends to put out the that she worked to stop proliferation she should be asked about this so I have asked.

    If she does not understand the relevance then she becomes part of the problem. Her statement while perfectly legitimate still smacks of ostentation.

    Like I keep saying I’m not a jew hater, not a bigot, I’m honest and I absolutely oppose the right wing government of Israel. The population of Israel has done next to nothing to stop their government’s excesses just as the American public seem to be deaf, mute and blind to the right wing abuses of their own government. And I include both parties as participating in that deviate behavior.

    You see Valerie I like fair play, something of a lost art these days with so many billionaires buying what ever justice they see fit. Something you should now be keenly aware of know.

    As always thank you Jeff.

  2. I think the worst of the NUMEC scandal happened after JFK had been extrajudicially removed from office (and I don’t think there is a direct or indirect connection).

    A bigger question: can efforts to stop nuclear proliferation admit there is no firm border between nuclear weapons and supposedly “peaceful” uses of atomic fission? Sometimes countries choose one or the other but not both, but the technologies overlap. It’s a political choice to only boil water and not make warheads.

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