Fact Check: Seth Rich Conspiracy Theorists Debunked

In a rare interview, Aaron Rich talks with Mike Isikoff about conspiracy theorists who seek to profit off of lies about his deceased brother, Seth Rich. The first lie is that Seth Rich leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks. Now, the lie is that Aaron Rich was involved too.

The lies of conspiracy theorist Matt Couch forced Aaron Rich to testify before a grand jury where he was asked if he had killed his own brother.

“You would figure the day your brother is murdered is the worst day of your life,” Aaron Rich told the Conspiracyland podcast, “It turned out it can actually go downhill from there.”

2 Replies to “Fact Check: Seth Rich Conspiracy Theorists Debunked”

  1. I dunno what to say except that if this Isikoff speaking on the podcast he seems to support the Oswald alone killed JFK story.

    I know this something happened at the DNC that has caused lots of grief for everyone involved.

    After the comments from the retired prosecutor about witnesses in D.C. I’m even more convinced the what happened sounds fishy.

    Now where is the reports that could be used to construct a time line of the morning of Seths death. I’m no more impressed by what is presented here than I am that all 17 intelligence agencies agree that the russians were involved with the DNC leak. Jeff I can tell there is no evidence available to indicate anything other that the DNC files were downloaded to a thumb drive.

    This seems all [pretty weak to me.

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