Cory Booker Backs Sudanese Protests

Cory Booker (Credit - Creative Commons)
Cory Booker (Credit – Creative Commons)

In a recent letter to Secretary of State Pompeo, Sen. Booker urged diplomatic action by the United States and encouraged the creation of a Special Assistant post for Sudan and the appointment of a retired diplomat to serve as ambassador in Khartoum.

Highlights of Booker’s letter include:

” I call on you to send a retired ambassador to lead Embassy Khartoum in a temporary capacity until the political crisis is resolved. The situation in Khartoum has clearly deteriorated to the point that a senior, experienced diplomat is needed to coordinate U.S. engagement on the ground.”

” U.S. officials should reiterate that the United States cannot move forward toward normalizing relations with Sudan while the military remains in control and while security forces continue to use disproportionate force against unarmed citizens peacefully exercising their basic rights. ”

” It is critical that the United States and others increase pressure on all sides to preserve the ceasefire and find a more sustainable path toward peace. ”


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