CNN Regurgitates Bolton’s Overblown Claims About the Threat of Iran

Barbara Starr of CNN
Barbara Starr of CNN uncritically reported John Bolton’s claims about Iran. (Credit: CNN)

After John Bolton issued a statement on May 5 about “troubling and escalatory indications” from Iran, Americans have heard a barrage of reports from reputable news organizations echoing charges about Iran’s “troubling” actions.

Now U.S. aircraft carriers are said to on the move while Saudi Arabia reporters its oil tankers have supposedly been sabotaged.

It’s all very reminiscent of the run-up to the disastrous invasion of Iraq in 2003. Yet Bolton, with a long record of misrepresenting intelligence reporting, is still treated as a reputable source by the credulous Barbara Starr of CNN.

Ben Armbruster cuts through the static at LobeLog.

Instead of expressing skepticism about such a statement from someone who’s been gunning for war with Iran for nearly two decades, and from an administration that has been doing the same for the past two and a half years, reports from U.S. mainstream media outlets basically served as a public relations service, simply repeating Bolton’s statement with little scrutiny across multiple mediums. For example, this was a headline from CNN the next day: “US deploying carrier and bomber task force in response to US deploying carrier and bomber task force in response to ‘troubling’ Iran actions.”

In fact, the U.S. military describes such deployments are “routine” and that stated the carrier group in question, the Lincoln Carrier Strike Group, had already been deployed to “the Central Command region,” as Bolton put it in his statement.

The Daily Beast reported last week that  that “multiple sources close to the situation” said Bolton and Team Trump blew the intelligence on Iran “out of proportion, characterizing the threat as more significant than it actually was.”

Source: The Media’s Shameful Handling of Bolton’s Iran Threat Claims Recalls the Run-up to the Iraq War – LobeLog

One Reply to “CNN Regurgitates Bolton’s Overblown Claims About the Threat of Iran”

  1. All it seems there is to do is wait for war. It’s times like this when my lack of respect for my countrymen appears to be perfectly justified.

    Just like Russia-gate we are deluged with “REPORTS” of “ATTACKS” on Saudi vessels but we see no evidence and the stories seem s little odd. Damage that appears to have been made by something hitting the vessel at the water line, or it hit something submerged at the water line.

    As for Barbara Star, she has been the victim of her “private sources close to the” pentagon, whites house, cia and the list of bull shitters just gets longer.

    It’s going to be very interesting to see where this 120k of American combat troops are going to come from to fight the Iranians.

    The military has not been filling recruiting quotas for some time now. They will raid the active reserve forces first then the inactive reserve forces and they will re-instate the draft. I can hardly wait for that shit show. Just what in the hell do people use for brains these days.

    Barbara Star seems to fit the bill for a NEOCON plant, continually espousing the words of authority based on her nameless sources.

    Very similar to the Russia Gate case.

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