Chris Hayes Talks About the Uighurs and China’s Secret Internment Camps 

One of the most under-covered new stories in the world is the Chinese government’s “Orwellian” repression of the Uighur people in western China. China’s Ministry of State Security is responsible.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes picked up the story on his podcast.

Right now, roughly ten percent of the Uyghur population has been ‘disappeared’, held indefinitely in re-education camps where they are subjected to totalitarian indoctrination in an attempt to erase their identity, their language, their religion and their culture.

His guest, Rian Thum, explains what is known about the camps and how they came to be – including the prison-like surveillance state that Uighurs outside of the camps are forced to live in.

FYI: To pronounce the word “Uighur” properly, say “we-gurr.”

Source: ‎Why Is This Happening? with Chris Hayes: China’s Secret Internment Camps with Rian Thum on Apple Podcasts

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  1. Today, 4/25, on the 4pm TalkBack show on NY’s WBAI-FM radio, there’s was an extensive discussion about this problem. The women moderators on the show were clearly well informed about the situation. Certainly, those of us who make it a point to search for truths in our world are aware of the topic – which, of course, is so absolutely horrendous as to give clear thinking folks like me the view that humanity is off the rails and perhaps has never been on them. THIS situation is not much different than what the Germans did to many folks in the 1930s & 1940s. WHY isn’t THE ENTIRE WORLD upinarms about this?!?!…. Insane…
    The world’s people are mostly asleep. Oh are they due for a big wake-up call…

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