Tim Ryan Stays Close to Home

On the Campaign Trail:

Tim Ryan (Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The eight-term Congressman from Youngstown Ohio is running for president on a platform of “rebuilding America.” He serves on the Defense Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee. He has not yet said much about issues of war and peace beyond portraying China a s threat to American prosperity.

Defense donations make up 4.08% of all campaign donations

On China: ‘They’re Cleaning Our Clock’

“And then behind Russia is China with their long term economic plan. Right, we’re not doing electric vehicles, we’re not doing solar, we don’t have a big national agenda … and China’s sitting their going ‘this is unbelievable. We’re buying long-term contracts in Africa for raw materials … and the Americans are fighting with each other over what, a wall?’ And they’re coming to clean our [clock], I mean they’re cleaning our clock now.”

Vindy Exclusive – Tim Ryan – Thoughts on Russia and China

“But at the end of the day, we’ve got to out-compete [China].”

Ryan: Working class needs someone to represent them — MSNBC

[Hugh Hewitt]: All right, last question on this. I don’t think of China as a friend, and I don’t think of them as a near-peer competitor. I think of them as a peer competitor that has not taken military action off the table, nor will they ever. Do you agree with my assessment, Tim Ryan?

[Tim Ryan]: I sure do. I sure do.

Rep. Tim Ryan: China Is Coming At Us; They Have Detailed, Long-Term Programs — RealClear Politics

On Russia: ‘Our Democracy Was Attacked’

“There is no doubt that Russia set out to, and succeeded at, meddling in our democratic process. Today’s new indictments illustrate that with startling clarity. While our President still refuses to acknowledge the seriousness of the threat we’re facing, our intelligence community and the ongoing work of Special Counsel Mueller have confirmed that – far from a hoax – our democracy itself was attacked.”

Congressman Tim Ryan Statement on Special Counsel Mueller’s Indictments Regarding Russian Interference in American Elections — Press Release

On Iran: ‘We Have to Have A Firmer Position’

Ryan supported President Obama’s multinational Iran nuclear deal in 2015. In 2018 He condemned Trump’s decision to withdraw from it.

In September 2017 Ryan said Wednesday that he agreed with President Trump’s calls for the U.S. to take a firmer stance on Iran.

“I think what he said about Iran is true. I think we have to have a firmer position on Iran. They are funding terrorism all through the Middle East so I liked that aspect of the speech, but overall you’ve got to do this all together,” Mr. Ryan, Ohio Democrat, said on MSNBC.

Tim Ryan agrees with Trump’s message on Iran, says he needs to reach out to other nations — Washington Times

On Syria: Supported Trump’s Strikes

The most recent military strike against Syria sends another message that our nation and our allies will not stand by while international law is broken by the use of chemical weapons against innocent men, women, and children. After yet another unforgivable  attack by Assad against his own people, it is clear that Russia and Iran share responsibility for these crimes against humanity by continuing military support for the Assad regime. It is fitting that the President’s recent comments finally seem to admit that.    

Congressman Tim Ryan Statement on U.S. Airstrikes in Syria — Press Release

On Migration: ‘Set The Phone Down and Get to Work’

“[Trump] has failed to address the issues in Central America. Quite frankly the president is lazy. He doesn’t read his presidential daily briefing. … Central America is a mess and we are doing nothing to stabilize that region. There’s not even an ambassador in Honduras. Look at Venezuela, too. There’s not even an ambassador there. This president needs to set the phone down and start rolling up his sleeves and getting to work.

Rep. Tim Ryan: ‘Quite frankly, the president is lazy’ — MSN

On North Korea: Trump Reckless and Shortsighted

“The President’s handling of North Korea since assuming office has been reckless and shortsighted. His approach has been defined by childish remarks and knee-jerk reactions with no clear strategic goals to guide him. United States policy should be thoughtful, consistent, and effective. Foreign policy is not a game, and is not something to conducted by Twitter. Our allies need to know they can count on us to lead. Laying out a clear strategy for North Korea in the spirit of this letter is vital to assuring the world that America is leading with a steady hand.” 

Congressman Tim Ryan Urges President Trump to Adopt Stronger and Smarter North Korea Policy — Press Release.

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