Why Prince William Studies at MI6

The royal heir known as the Duke of Cambridge has been spending time at MI6, the British intelligence service.

This has mutual benefits. Prince William comes off as a more substantive character than merely as Kate Middleton’s soul mate, which is how he is often depicted.¬† The Secret Intelligence Service, under investigation for torture, also comes off as more respectable.

Prince William, reports the tabloid Express.co.uk,

took part in a two-hour “role play” with MI6 in which five officers re-enacted a real scenario from several years ago where the need for cover was “made apparent”. William is said to have relished playing his “small but key” part while at MI6’sVauxhall Cross HQ.

The British tabloids, mostly conservative in their politics, are the most reliable source of gossip and leaks from British intelligence, with lots of negative coverage of leftist Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Source: Prince William: The spy who came in with a cheese sandwich | Royal | News | Express.co.uk

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