Andrew Yang’s ‘Human-Centered Capitalism’

Andrew Yang (Credit: Yang2020)
Andrew Yang (Credit: Yang2020)

On the Campaign Trail:

Yang, 44 years old, has worked most of his career in startups, early-stage growth companies, philanthropic non-profits for most of his adult life. He is best know for Venture for America, a non-profit who’s slogan is “Rebuilding American Through Entrpreneurship.”

Yang’s signature issue is a call for a Universal Basic Income, a $1,000 month payment to all U.S. citizens over 18. He calls it the “Freedom Dividend,” a down payment from “Human-Centered Capitalism.”

His restrained agenda for American power flows from his views about the need to reform capitalism to spread prosperity

Three Goals

Make it harder for the United States to get involved in foreign engagements with no clear plan or goal.

Rebuild our relationships with allies to strengthen the international order.

Bring our military spending under control.

Yang 2020

Defining National Strength

I think our foreign policy actually reflects how we’re doing at home, and we’re not doing well at home. If you look at our numbers domestically, our life expectancy is declining for the last three years because of a surge in suicides and drug overdoses — like, the depths of despair, mental-health crises. We’re falling apart and disintegrating at home. And so our foreign policy ends up seeming unreliable and erratic to many of our long-standing allies, and those things are very much connected.”–Business Insider

Going to War

Sign a repeal to the AUMF, returning the authority to declare war to Congress, and refuse to engage in anything other than emergency military activity without the express consent of Congress

Yang 2020

On Nuclear War

The decision to launch a nuclear attack is too serious for a single person to make. The vice president should need to verify any such decision made by the president.

On Endless War

“In the big picture, the US has deluded itself into thinking it could get things done in various parts of the world that have ended up costing hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of American lives and tens of thousands of civilian lives, sometimes to very unclear benefits. So one of my big ideas is going to try to be more restrained and judicious in our foreign policy.

On Allies

“… work with our allies to rebuild our stature in the world, and strengthen alliances such as NATO.”

Campaign 2020: Andrew Yang, Democratic Presidential Candidate — Council on Foreign Relations

On Venezuela

My goal as president would be to help assist the Venezuelan people in any way we can — any sort of humanitarian intervention that would help ease the suffering.

I do not think it’s the US’s place to engage in regime change. Our track record on making decisions for other countries is very, very uneven at best. So certainly if there’s anything we can do to support on a humanitarian level, I’d be eager to do it, but I don’t think we should be choosing other nations’ leaders.

Yes, I’d recognize [Guaidó]. I just wouldn’t militarily intervene to depose Nicolás Maduro and insert him.

Business Insider

Campaign Website Link: Yang 2020

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