Three Democratic Candidates Slam Netanyahu Ahead of Israeli Elections

The alienation of Democratic voters from the Israel lobby accelerated after Israeli Prime Minister promised to annex the Palestinian West Bank in the closing days of the Israeli elections

Front-runner Bernie Sanders and two of his most charismatic rivals, Beto O’Rourke and Pete Buttigieg, immediately criticized Netanyahu’s land grab. O’Rourke called Netanyahu “a racist” and Sanders said he hopes the prime minister loses his reelection bid. Buttigieg who had embraced the Israel lobby last May, called Netanyahu’s action a “provocation.”

Netanyahu’s promise strips away the last illusion of Israel’s defenders who in Washington who still speak of a “two-state solution.”

From NBC News:

[Netanyahu’s] pledge marked a significant policy shift that observers of Israeli politics said appeared aimed at rallying the nationalist vote ahead of Tuesday’s election. Middle East peace advocates have said annexation by Israel would effectively end Palestinian hopes for an independent state.

Given a choice between Netanyahu’s hopes and Palestinian hopes, three Democrats went with the Palestinians.

What do each of the candidates say about Israel?

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Source: Democratic candidates slam Netanyahu ahead of Israeli elections

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