Time for Dueling Democrats to Make a Truce Over Rep. Omar

Brad Lander, member of the New York City Council, wants to end the civil war in the Democratic Party over comments by Rep. Ilhan Omar that some find anti-semitic or insensitive.

(Listen to the full context Omar’s remarks here.)

“We Can’t Let Right Wing Hypocrites Weaponize Anti-Semitism,” Lander writes in Buzzfeed News.

The basic terms of this peace deal are pretty simple. Progressive Zionists like me must do more to oppose the Occupation, criticize Israel over violations of Palestinian human rights, and call out Islamophobia. Sharper critics of Israel must get more vigilant about combating anti-Semitism, and make more room on the left for those who support Israel’s right to exist.

Source: The Right Exploits Progressive Fault Lines On Israel & Anti-Semitism

One Reply to “Time for Dueling Democrats to Make a Truce Over Rep. Omar”

  1. Look the dims and the repug both are supportive of Israels extreme right wing government. They caved to the money long ago. Zionist are as bad or worse that the Israeli government.

    All of them and they are mostly right wingers. The Hawks of the dimocraps may be the WORST of the lot thought.

    Nancy would be well advised to listen up here. Nancy the kids are right and you have been wrong. For 35 years or so the dims have played game and lost. Please listen and cooperate and change yourself for the better. You have the skills use them to help out the progressive new left!

    I think it is very interesting that the comments of Ryan Evans might fit well into this conversation. The biggest problem for Americans is they escape criticism for having bogus values based on hypocritical beliefs. Then pretend that what I just referred to is total nonsense.

    You think racism is dead or dying in the U.S.? Look around at the rebirth just since “VINY”. By golly you give some people any belief that they have a chance to bring the “Good Old Days” back and shazam instant racists.

    It’s the media that is the ‘whore’ with the message here and that can never be good. The media does little but divide day after day by producing a garbage product.

    The capital of Illinois, “Podunk”, Springfield, is about to lose it’s only news paper thanks to the Kochs, the right wing, Karl, “porkey the pig” Rove and ALECT.

    By the way both local tv stations are former shadows of themselves.

    Thank you Sinclar News & Media.

    I’m believing that until 35 or 40% of Americans start going to bed in the dark, hungry and cold they will not get it. You will find out then who votes for the status quo. Americans are simply too spoiled by and easy life to give a damn.

    What was it Alfred E Newman always said, “What? Me worry?”

    My Dog! You cannot make this stuff up!

    Ilhan Omar, all praise her for some of the truth.

    As American we need to talk about the B.S. instead of taking the easy way out and calling names. The congress is a shameful excuse for the group who are supposed to speak for the people.

    Nancy is right about one thing though. Don’t impeach VINY, lock his worthless ass up! Indict the fake president, try his fake butt and lock him up.

    Isn’t that what we are supposed to do to criminals. Oh wait, I forgot he is special, billions buys anyone special treatment just ask the DEEP STATE. So pardon his fake butt. There is the hypocrisy for you.

    Thanks Jeff.

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