South Korea Spy Chief May Soon Visit North Korea 

Last week I reported on how South Korean president Moon Jae-In is seeking to mediate between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in the wake of their abortive summit meeting in Hanoi.

Now we have details about how. According to the Korea Times, Moon is sending Suh Hoon, chief of the National Intelligence Service, to the North.

“Suh may travel to Pyongyang as soon as possible to arrange another summit between the leaders of the two Koreas. Details of Suh’s trip to the North Korean capital have yet to be fixed,” the aide said on condition of anonymity.

Suh has played a significant role in orchestrating three previous inter-Korean summits.

In Washington, news coverage has often scanted the role of the South Korean leader in the U.S.-North Korean negotiations. The New York Times played up a misleading report about North Korea that the NIS publicly corrected.

Credulous Democrats have repeated the talking points of Trump administration hawks who fear President Moon’s popular agenda of formally ending the Korea war and denuclearizing the peninsula.

But Moon has not given up yet.

Source: ‘Spy chief may visit North Korea soon to revive nuke talks’

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