Washington Post’s Remarkable Story on the Kennedy and King Assassination Letter


One national security veteran told me it is the most remarkable story he has seen in the mainstream media in the past 50 years. It appeared in The Washington Post online edition on Friday, headlined Kennedy, King, Malcolm X relatives and scholars seek new assassination probes.

Written by Tom Jackman, the story reported on the open letter on the assassinations of the 1960s that I reported on last Monday.

Joined by relatives of Robert F. Kennedy, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, a group of more than 60 authors and investigators have called for a new congressional investigation into the assassinations of the three men and President John F. Kennedy,

What is remarkable is that the story treats the subject of the assassinations of the 1960s with the sort of straightforward journalism that this subject has rarely received from major news organizations.

The story summarizes the issue fairly:

The 1960s assassinations have spawned conspiracy theories and claims of governmental misconduct for decades. In each case, local police, federal investigators and state and local judges have reaffirmed the findings that lone gunmen killed both Kennedys and King, and that the three men convicted of murder killed Malcolm X. But those official conclusions have left many unsatisfied.

Jackman reports new information that readers might not know.


“The one thing you can say,” Robert Kennedy Jr. said in a recent interview, “Sirhan Sirhan did not fire the shots that killed my father.”

Jacsman interviewed Robert Blakey, chief of the congressional JFK investigation in the 1970s, who signed the letter, and he explained why Blakey’s participation is significant.

Blakey, whose high-profile investigation of the King and John Kennedy assassinations in 1979 determined that Kennedy was the likely victim of a conspiracy, said he remains deeply interested in the role of the CIA in the JFK case. In fact, he has a federal Freedom of Information Act lawsuit pending against the agency. He said that the FBI had fully cooperated with his investigations, particularly into the King assassination in Memphis in April 1968 but that the CIA has refused to open all its files to this day.

“All I’d like to do is see the stuff the agency has on [John] Kennedy,” Blakey said Wednesday. “That’s all I want.”

He interviewed Karl Evanzz, author of a ground-breaking book on the assassination of Malcolm X who signed the statement.

Evanzz noted that after a blogger in 2011 exposed the identity of the man he alleged had fired the fatal shotgun blasts at Malcolm X, “the FBI refused to reopen its examination of the assassination, saying that it lacked the resources to do so, and that no federal law had been violated. That’s ludicrous.”

The subject of the assassinations has finally gotten the straightforward journalistic treatment it deserves. Hopefully, the Post story will be a signal to other in the mainstream media that there is a great deal still to be learned about these tragedies.

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  1. Not all journalist prized the social co-mingling of leaders, and others they covered, at events where journalists, and the subjects of their news articles, were feted. I still particularly enjoy watching President Kennedy’s address at the National Press Club, where he decried secret societies as repugnant in a democratic society. Unlike today, President Kennedy understood and encouraged the Press in their roll as informant for the public. He did not trash them or treat them like enemies of the people. In light of how some press quarters still offer the discredited Warren Report as sacred writ, saying the Main Stream Media, overall, has engaged in treasonous practice regarding the assassinations of JFK, Malcolm X, MLK, and RFK, isn’t harsh. It speaks volumes about the Press and its corporate overlords’ failure to keep the American people informed by truth, not mass-packaged propaganda (Iran-Contra; 911; Iraq Wars 1 & 2). The Military and CIA, in co-opting the press, followed J. P Morgan’s example, realizing that only a few men controlled the whole of America’s media; in turn, they controlled what Americans read, their views on a subject, and how they could be guided into a preordained reality – the Warren Report was one such preordained reality product. Truth was sacrificed for “solution” through political expediency. The Republic seizes from the deep social, political, and economic fallout fractures, those traumatic historical realities also “solved” (read: compromised) by political expediency, left to haunt the fading memories of a dwindling population that was alive at the time. Doubtless, the majority of those who assented to these assassinations and the subsequent cover-ups (either by complicity or informed indifference), are beyond justice. That they no longer inhabit this turbulent sphere is no solace. Their nefarious deeds overshadow their demises. Like rape victims, we are left with the ever present reality of the traumatic event. Time does not diminish the truth of or impacts from our initial brutal violation, JFK’s Assassination. In five short years, they killed Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, MLK, and RFK. We, as a nation, were beyond shell shocked; our collective psyche remains shattered from the repeated assaults, the incessant pain, the soul-numbing shock, and the cacophony of lies. The endless, mind-numbing, infantile, bureaucratic lies that continue to this present day. Some would defend the man currently in the White House, but he is no threat. He is a useful idiot for the face of a malignancy that has infected our National Consciousness. When you kill the genuine voices of global hope, peace, and justice, you bring in the obsequious clowns, charlatans, swindlers, puppets, and grovelers, who advance your agenda while diverting attention from your inadvertent self-immolation. The social conflagration was destined to happen when the “middle-class” realized they were a temporary buffer between the rich and the poor. Now, the soul of America is morally bankrupt and the postmortem report echoes the warnings of America’s felled leaders: https://www.jfklibrary.org/learn/about-jfk/historic-speeches/the-city-upon-a-hill-speech

  2. Jeff,
    The Joint Statement Letter is a big step forward toward the Truth. Who in Congress was this submitted to? It is very relevant in light of the concerns of today within our government regarding the ongoing conflict between the White House and FBI. For example, the letter suggests FBI involvement in the King Assassination, which I was not aware of. Regarding the conflict being vetted today, regardless of right or wrong, it is imperative that the Truth be told with no Cover-ups. Also another interesting question is whether Congressman Joe Kennedy III will be supportive of his family’s and others call to action?

    Can you tell us more of the path forward?

    Great work on this!

  3. Great news. Good work Jeff.

    Now we need to stop Bill Barr from facilitating the work the Deep State.

    OCCUPIED BERLIN 1968-1970

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